Our Mission is to be an organization that the people of the Akron/Summit County region would be proud to call their own. We believe in bringing people together through soccer. By uniting the community, we can help grow the game in our region and do our small part to help the game grow nationally.

Our Vision is to have a viable soccer operation that has been a staple of Akron’s sports landscape for generations. First and foremost, this will be accomplished by running a sustainable business operation. We plan to grow slowly, allowing us to focus on developing a supporter culture and fan base unique to our region. We will take pride in providing local players and coaches with a professionally run organization to elevate their skills to further their careers at a higher level. 

What is the NPSL?

The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) is one of the largest established men’s soccer leagues in the United States with over 90 teams competing across the country. The NPSL is a successor to the Men’s Premier Soccer League (MPSL), which was formed in 2002. The NPSL is a member of the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) and is thereby affiliated with the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). The NPSL’s cooperative and turnkey ownership platform has led to its explosive growth, countless player development opportunities, and commitment to grow the game in the United States.

For more information on the NPSL visit https://www.npsl.com/