Akron City FC loses in Region II semifinal clash of USASA Amateurs Cup

ACFC finishes their time in the tournament with an overall record of 1-1

Writer: Sideline and Beat Reporter, Cade Cracas

South Bend, Ind. - A late collapse shuts the door on cup championship hopes for Akron City FC (ACFC).

On Sunday, June 9, ACFC traveled on the road to match up against Bavarian United SC (BUSC) in a Region II semifinal clash in the USASA Amateurs Cup.

Twelve total goals would be scored between the two teams, but the historical BUSC side prevailed in the end, 7-5.

In the first half, both teams battled back and forth in hopes of opening up the game with a key piece of momentum.

Early fouls from both teams led to the majority of the action occurring in the midfield.

The game would start shifting towards the way of BUSC in the 36th minute, with a corner kick being forced against the ACFC defense. They would thwart the challenge for the time being, but just minutes later the first goal of the game would be scored.

In the 40th minute, BUSC pushed themselves ahead by a score as they were able to slice the ball past ACFC goalkeeper Omeed Naeemy.

At the halftime break, Hoggarth wanted to see his players show off their high level of play with an increase in intensity and aggression for the offense. In recent games, it had been an area the club thrived.

“I think we have to get used to playing on this surface. We need to get faster, play the ball well,” Hoggarth said. “We are playing on a grass field for the first time… its something we need to adjust to.

“I think we have seen their threat going over the top and we have to get better.”

Coming out of halftime, the team started to churn the wheels of the offense. Just like Saturday’s outing against Michigan Rangers FC, they started to put pressure on the BUSC backline.

That increase in aggression allowed them to put the opposition on their heels before forward Sam Sarver blasted a ball into the back netting to tie things up.

With a drastic increase in confidence and a bit of goal-scoring adrenaline running through the veins, ACFC dashed back down onto BUSC’s side of the field. They would draw a penalty kick, giving the honors to forward Ryan Kingsford.

He loaded up his boot and hit it past the opposition for the go-ahead goal. However, they still weren’t done yet.

Three minutes later Sarver found his second goal of the outing as he utilized his speed to weave past the BUSC defense and find an open opportunity to get a clean look on target. His goal would put ACFC up 3-1.

In the 67th minute, midfielder Kelly Jannsen put ACFC by three with another goal. They then found their fifth goal in the 82nd minute by Carter Cormier.

For some, these goals would be the nail in the coffin, but for BUSC, they responded. With their back up against the wall, they found four goals from the 81st minute on.

Their shots would find the back of the net in the 81st minute, 86th minute, 92nd minute and 95th minute. With two occurring in stoppage time, it drastically shifted the course of the games control.

A total of ten goals being scored through 90 minutes, showcasing the intensity between two of the top teams in Region II was through the roof.

To kickoff extra time, BUSC scored a goal to put themselves up, 6-5.

They instantly gained control of the remainder of the game as they would bury their seventh goal in the second half of extra time. That would be the final goal of the outing as they finished it off with a 7-5 scoreline. 

Before the team competed in the cup outing on Sunday, they sat on a three-game winning streak. The wins came against Northern Indiana FC, Niagara 1812 and Michigan Rangers FC with a goal differential of 12-4 through the three outings.

With good form and a bright future ahead, ACFC now turns its attention back to the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL), where they look to keep themselves atop of the Great Lakes standings.

They will play against Flower City Union on Saturday, June 15, from Green Street Stadium. The outing is set to begin at 6:00 P.M.


USASA Amateurs Cup Results:

Sunday, June 2: 4-2 win vs. Northern Indian FC (Quarterfinal of Region II)
Sunday, June 9: 7-5 loss vs. Bavarian United SC (Semifinal of Region II)